the art of receiving

March 29, 2016

brick wall

You know when you have an awareness about something that is pretty life changing?  You know, what Oprah calls the  “ah ha” moment?  I just call it awareness, although, I guess there have been times when I yelled “ah ha” with excitement after having one of these moments.  Anyway, it’s not uncommon, once you experience this, to begin being hyper-aware of this new found wisdom all around you… especially in other people.  Let me explain, a few years ago while on one of my many adventures into personal development, I was exploring certain areas of my life that I was struggling with, or maybe just areas I thought could be improved.  I was using my mind to try and figure out how to work harder, make more money, give more money, find a partner etc., etc.  After completely exhausting myself, I stopped the mental masturbation and just sat back for a moment to rest…. and that’s when it came.  I realized that my problem wasn’t my lack of hard work, philanthropy, or not being lovable enough to find a romantic partner.  My problem was that I was unable to receive. 

Basically, all the things I was asking for in my life were all around me.  But for some reason or another I was turning my head the opposite direction and pretending not to see them… probably so I could continue living in my pool of self-pity.  Don’t judge, it’s familiar and cozy there.

Anyway, in case you’re not sure what I am talking about, here is how it works in a nut shell.  Have you ever heard the phrase “ask and you shall receive”?  You probably have if you have ever read a self-development book, listened to a “guru” or read the bible.  It’s not really a secret as of late, although I don’t think most people know exactly what it means or how to apply it to their lives.  Here is what it means…. ask and you shall receive 🙂

It literally means what it says.  I just wanted to point that out because if you’re anything like me you will take a really easy concept and think about it so much, make it so complicated that it’s impossible to even think about anymore because you are so tired and need to take a nap.

But believe it or not, the Universe wants you to be happy.  There is no karmic contract sent from the heavens that was set in place to make your life on earth a living hell.  And so, if you ask for something, the Universe begins to rearrange itself so that request can come into fruition in some way (sorry, the clouds are not going to shit out a million bucks on your head…bummer). 

Also from this concept comes the phrase, “be careful what you wish for.”  Ever heard that?  That’s because “ask and you shall receive” actually works.  Now that we have covered that, let’s get back to this whole receiving thing.  As we talked about, the Universe wants you to be happy, it also has no polarity, which means it has no judgment, which means if you ask for a pile of shit, that’s what you’re getting.  If you ask for a pile of gold, that’s what you’re getting.  There are two points to keep in mind here:

  1.  Most people don’t ask for anything. 
  2. If they just so happen to, they are unable to receive what they asked for. 

Women are especially prone to not being willing to receive.  It is in their nature to take care of everything and everyone around them.  Which is fine, but when someone tries to do something nice for them or give them a compliment they are all, “oh, I just couldn’t,” “oh this old ugly shirt?”  You know what I mean?  I have a friend who did something nice for me and so I took her to coffee…. she was literally fighting me to pay for her own coffee.  I back handed her.  (Kidding)

So what is the problem with that?  Imagine for a minute, you are standing behind a giant brick wall.  You are on one side, and on the other side is the light of the Universe.  It’s a pretty intense light, it’s the light of everything you are, everything you ever wanted, the light of love and possibilities.  Which is probably why you built that giant brick wall, I mean, especially if you  can’t even receive a cup of coffee.  So, you hear this idea “ask and you shall receive” and you decide to put it to the test.  So you get a piece of paper and write down your question, you make it into a paper airplane and throw it over your wall.  You request is received, the Universe shifts and presents you with your request.   But remember, you are sitting there on the other side of Fort Knox waiting patiently and nothing is happening.  See what I mean?

You have to break down the brick wall you built to protect yourself, so that you can reap the benefits of all the answered requests sitting a few feet from you. 

Here is the kicker, when you decide to take down that wall and open yourself to the possibilities that are available to you, you have to be willing to receive everything.  You can’t just drill little holes in your wall and cross your fingers that only the good stuff flows through, you have to take the whole thing down and receive everything.  Here is what I mean, if you’re going to receive a compliment you have also receive the criticism or judgment.  It sounds scary, but it’s not really.  When you start to break that giant wall down and see the world differently, something else shifts inside you.  You realize that you can receive all things with grace and ease, that judgments and insults don’t matter and they pass through you like it ain’t no thing.  You start to experience the world from a place of joy instead of struggle.  You start to realize that as you are creating your life, you are not alone, the Universe is the co-creator and always has your back.        

Where in you life have you seen this work? 


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