What is Consciousness?

March 21, 2016


Consciousness.  This word is thrown around left and right these days.  Conscious living, conscious eating, raising conscious children, having a conscious relationship, etc. etc. etc.  I bet it means different things to different people.  I bet some people use it because they passionately think it will change the world, while others use it on a more superficial level, some use it medically to refer to themselves or others as awake (up and talking) and maybe some people just use it to use it… I probably do that with a few words 🙂

I use this word a lot.  I use it so much that sometimes I get tired of hearing myself refer to it.  I stopped referring to it in my writing because I thought maybe it was a played out topic and I didn’t want to sound like I was preaching or whatever.  But, in my opinion it is not played out.  It’s actually beginning to get some traction and I think that consciousness is one of the most, if the not most, important places the world can go right now.

So, if you couldn’t already tell, I am one of those people that use it because I think it will change the world.  I use it because I tend to look at the bigger picture.  Some people think I have a problem with authority but that’s not true, I just question everything.  And that, I think, is where consciousness begins.  It begins when each individual person begins to question the world.  Sure, consciousness does mean that you are “awake” and aware of your surroundings but that isn’t the kind of “awake” I’m talking about. For just a minute, close your eyes and imagine yourself.  Imagine that you have a dark veil on.  Sort of like a wedding veil, but not white.  Like a goth wedding veil.  It’s definitely hard to see to the left or right of you, I mean you can barely see in front of you, everything is kind of murky and unclear.  Now, take that minute and times it by as many minutes you have been on the planet.  For some of us, that is a lot of minutes.  I’m frustrated just thinking about it.  

Now, take the veil off.  HOLY SHIT!  All of a sudden everything is clear, you can see all around you, you can see to your left and to your right.  You can see up and down.  You can see things you have never seen before.  You can see that everything you ever thought about the world, isn’t actually true.  You have a much more clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to do… because now you can see.  That is what being “awake” is.  It’s seeing possibilities you never knew existed.  It’s seeing the world in a completely different light.  It’s realizing that everything you thought you knew about the world and your place in it, might be a load of crap.

Whew.  And that is just the beginning.  The unveiling.  So what is consciousness?  Consciousness is the betterment of this planet as a result of people waking up.  (Otherwise known as Awareness.)  It is what happens when we take that veil off, we step out of the dark murky fog and begin to question whether or not our choices will be a contribution to ourselves and to our planet.  It’s when we stop all judgment.  Good judgment and bad judgment.  Because what happens when we choose not to judge?  Well, everything changes.  It brings you to a place of allowance for the differences in people, cultures, points of view, etc.  You begin to see that everything is only a point of view and you loose your need to be right.  Imagine how different the world would be if everyone lost the need to be right.    

Being aware is not about sticking it to the man.  It’s not about quitting your job to picket in the streets.  It’s not about rebelling against authority.  Because really, that is just un-consciousness in a different form.  That is still the need to be right, the need to fight for your values.  

It’s also not about getting it perfect.  However, it is about calling yourself out, being aware that you made a choice that wasn’t a contribution to anyone and then letting go of that choice and starting again.  It’s about knowing that next time you still have a choice to act instead of react. 

Because when you start living from awareness you realize that your entire reality is an open canvas.  You are no longer your problems, you are no longer your story.  You are whatever you want you to be. 


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